Saturday Art Workshops
At Suzanne's Studio

1515 Main Street, Suite 201, Longmont, CO 80501

Driving Directions

To Register:
Email Suzanne or call 303-502-0751


Creativity Saturday Art Workshop

10am-4 pm

COST: $72 for two art sessions and drawing paper

Boxes of Oil Pastels can be purchased for $10
or, bring your own oil pastels



Saturday Art Workshops
for Beginners, Intermediates
& Advanced Artists

The third Saturday of every month, we will gather to study a creative perspective through drawing with oil pastels.

There are two art sessions. One in the morning at 10 am. Then we break for lunch. The second session begins after lunch until 3 pm.


Saturday, January 20
Traditional Techniques:
Session 1: Copy a Master Artist
Session 2: Appropriations from Other

Saturday, February 24
Series Drawing:
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Practicing Series Drawing

Saturday, March 24
Session 1: Distortion
Session 2: Abstraction

Saturday, April 28
Creating Unique Images
Session 1: Drawing Water
Session 2: Boats in Water

Saturday, May 19
Compositional Elements
Session 1: Windows, Doors & Openings
Session 2: Indoors/Outdoors

Saturday, June 16
Compositional Elements
Session 1: Drawing a Still Life
Session 2: Abstract Still Life

At the end of the day you will have completed at least two oil pastel drawings.


Other workshops will be scheduled through the year.

Check back for details and any date changes.

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