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1515 Main Street, Suite 201, Longmont, CO 80501

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Color Theory Art Workshop

10am-4 pm

COST: $72 for two art sessions and drawing paper

Boxes of Oil Pastels can be purchased for $10
or, bring your own oil pastels


Color Theory for Artists & People Who Love Color!

Color Theory is the relationship between colors.

We will discover the subtleties of of these relationships and help you discover your personal color choices.

At each session, you will receive handouts about the history, meaning and associations with the six complimentary colors and white, black and gray. By ht end of the workshop series, you will understand the subtleties of color through the experience of discovering your personal pallet.

No art experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome.

There are two art sessions. One in the morning at 10 am. Then we break for lunch. The second session begins after lunch until 3 pm.


Saturday, February 10
Color Theory A Relationship between Colors

(After the first workshop, where I will teach an overview to color theory, the rest of the classes will concentrate on complementary colors, looking at their origin, symbolism and unique hues.)

Saturday, March 10 Complementaries: Green & Red

Saturday, April 7
Complementaries: Blue & Orange

Saturday, May 12
Complementaries: Purple & Yellow

Saturday, June 9
Black & White & Gray

At the end of the day you will have completed at least two oil pastel drawings.




Other workshops will be scheduled through the year.

Check back for details and any date changes.

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