Saturday Art Workshops
At Suzanne's Studio

1515 Main Street, Suite 201, Longmont, CO 80501

Driving Directions

To Register:
Email Suzanne or call 303-502-0751


Plein Air Workshops

8:30 am - Noon

COST: $30

Bring your own art supplies
easels, chairs, etc
to create a work of art


Saturday Art Workshops

10am-4 pm

COST: $72 for two art sessions and drawing paper

Boxes of Oil Pastels can be purchased for $10
or, bring your own oil pastels


Plein Air Painting

This class is about painting outdoors.

We will meet at the studio at 8:30 am sharp and drive to a location nearby and you can stay as long as you want to create a piece of art outside. The class ends at Noon.

Bring your oil paints, water-based oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, oil pastels, pen & ink to create a piece outdoors.

The class will be about picking a spot, setting up the scene to create a solid composition and moving trees, buildings, mountains to make a stronger composition. And dealing with painting outdoors.

If it is raining or cold, the class will be canceled.

Reservations are required.

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Sunday, June 11

Sunday, July 9

Sunday, August 6

Sunday, September 17

Sunday, October 1
(weather permitting)

At Noon, if you want, we can gather somewhere for lunch.

Saturday Art Workshops
for Beginners, Intermediates
& Advanced Artists

The first Saturday of every month, students gather at my studio to study a creative perspective through drawing with oil pastels.

There are two art sessions. One in the morning at 10 am. We will break for lunch and the second session begins after lunch until 3 pm.


Saturday, June 10
Creating Unique Images
Session 1: Symbols
Session 2: Mind Art

Saturday, July 8
Cubism & Fauves
Session 1: Picasso & Cubists
Session 2: Matisse & Fauves

Saturday, July 15
Color Theory Revisited
Session 1: Spring Light
Session 2: Summer Light

Saturday, August 5
Post Impressionists -Cezanne & Bonnard
Session 1: Cezanne
Session 2: Bonard

Saturday, August 12
Color Theory Revisited
Session 1: Fall Light
Session 2: Winter Light

Saturday, September 30
Color Theory Revisited
Session 1: Tonal Values
Session 2: Essence

Saturday, October 7
Manet & Monet
Session 1: Manet
Session 2: Monet

Saturday, October 21
Color Theory Revisited
Session 1: Night Light
Session 2: Candle Light

Saturday, November 4
Marie Cassatt & Berthe Morisot
Session 1: Marie Cassatt
Session 2: Berthe Morisot

Saturday, November 18
Compositional Elements
Session 1: Roads
Session 2: Bridges

Saturday, December 9
German Expressionists
Session 1: Paul Klee
Session 2: Wassily Kandinsky

Saturday, December 16
Compositional Elements
Session 1: Labryinth
Session 2: Mandala

At the end of the day you will have completed at least two oil pastel drawings.


Other workshops will be scheduled through the year.

Check back for details and any date changes.

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