Suzanne's Studio

1515 Main Street, Suite 201, Longmont CO 80501
(on the Northwest corner of Main Street & 15th Street)



My studio is located at the Northwest corner of
Main Street and 15th Street on the North End of Longmont.

It's a big white building with stores along the front on Main Street. For landmarks, look for the Brooklyn Deli, Bridal Connection and ChiroNow!

To find my studio:

Walk in between the large building with all the stores and
the smaller building with Creative Framing.
The door to my studio is on the left.
(Right behind the white truck).

Find the double door on the side of the building
that looks like this:

enter the double doors on the north side of the building
where the red buckets are on each side of the door.
There is a sign on the door so you know which door:

Walk half way down the hallway
and look for Suite 201 on the door on the right.

I'm up the stairs.

Please Note:

The outside doors are locked at 6 pm.
If we are planning to meet up,
please be through the door by 6 pm
call me at

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