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If you are curious about water-based oil paints, this is the weekend workshop for you! They are less toxic than regular oil-based paints and more versatile than watercolors.

During the weekend, you will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the water-based oil paints and discover various ways to apply the paint on the canvas board.

The first half hour of each session will be spent demonstrating techniques on various ways to apply the paint to the canvas board. The remainder of the session will be spent working individually with each person in the group to develope a personal style.

We'll have a great time experimenting and discovering new techniques that can be applied to other media.

Each participant brings their own supplies. Please make sure you bring at least three canvas boards, since the objective of the weekend is full-out experimentation!

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Workshop Sessions

  1. Introduction
    What are Water-Based Oil Paints?
    How to make the best use of brushes, pallet knives and mahsticks.
    Four ways to begin a painting.
    Why artist paint still life.

  2. Painting Styles
    Alla Prima", "Wet on Wet", "Smooth Blending", "Wipe-Out", & "Scrubbing".

  3. Techniques for Applying Paint
    "Dry Brush", 'Palette Knife", "Impasto", "Dabbing"

  4. Finishing a Painting
    "Glazing", "Hot/Cool Colors"
    Completing your spontaneous painting.

Each session lasts 3 hours.
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