Water-Based Oil Painting
Supply List

  1. 6 Water-Based Oil Paints:
    Four companies make Water-Based Oil Paints:
    Grumbacher (Max), Van Gogh (H2O Oils), Winsor & Newton (Artisan Mixable Oils),
    Holbein (Duo Aqua Oil)

    **** Make sure you have "water mixable paint" ****

    5 basic colors + white

    You can purchase the basic Starter Set at Micheals or any art supply store or buy the following recommended colors: (Color names will vary with each company. Just get a bright color in each of these hues.)
    • Cadmium Yellow Hue
    • Cadmium Red Medium
    • Cerulean Blue
    • Sap Green
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Titanium White
  1. I sell a set of set of 6 brushes that are an assortment of sizes and types of brushes for $15.00.  (My cost.  I buy them at Guiry's in Boulder)   I will have a set for you if you want one.
    Or you can get an Inexpensive round tip and flat tip brushes in large (size 12), medium (size 8) and small (size 4) brushes .  Don't spend a lot of money on brushes to start with.  Brush size varies with different brands.

  2. Canvas Board -   3 boards size 16" x 20"
    Don't buy anything smaller than 16" x 20".  Canvas board provides you will a stable surface without spending the money on stretched canvas.  (Canvas board is available at Michaels, Walmart, McGuckins.)

  3. Palette: Bring something from your kitchen to lay the paints out on, either glass plate, pie plate or plastic tray. You can purchase disposable paper palettes at an art store.

  4. Palette Knife: A palette knife is used for mixing the paints on the palette. Either bring a plastic knife from home or pick out one that feels right to you at the art store.

  5. Water Container: Since we are using water-based oil paints, you will need a container for water to mix paints with. Bring a plastic cup or bowl from your kitchen. (No glass please).

  6. Paper Towels: All artists use paper towels to wipe up messes, paint with on the canvas and clean brushes.

  7. Apron, Shirt, Cover-Up: Bring something to wear to protect your clothes. Even through this is water-based oil paint, it's better to have a cover.

  8. Water Bottle: For you to drink that has a lid.

  9. Newspaper, towel, or drop cloth: This is to put in the back of your car to prevent the wet paintings from leaving stains in your car trunk on the way home.

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