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Artist Statement

Sky Ragas

Golden sunlight skips along the clouds singing songs of joy and the blue sky delightfully embraces the dance. 

Suzanne shares her contemplation of clouds, sunlight and sky;
and invites the viewer to look above the trees,
around the corners of buildings and over the highways to the magnificent world above us.

“Raga” is a Sanskrit word implying “color, hue, beauty, melody”.
In musical terms, it implies “a melodic framework for composition and improvisation”.   Suzanne’s golden clouds dance in the sky and sing songs of joy—a true raga.

Quentin Young, Longmont Times-Call , describes Suzanne’s work as, “The paintings sometimes have the look of a Rothko color field painting.  Suzanne’s goal is not to depict a scene.  It’s to depict her contemplation of a scene.”





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