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Artist Statement

As a Contemplative Artist, I create my paintings from a meditative space. I meditate before I begin each painting session to facilitate moving into that part of my brain where creativity abounds. I lose a sense of time when I paint, and if I am lucky, I lose a sense of place, and if I am really lucky, I lose myself, and just paint.

My painting style is a textured process that involves a longer timeframe to create the work. With a pallet knife, I apply heavy slabs of oil paint on to a blank canvas and let it dry. After the heavy paint has dried, I look for an image within the texture. Then I begin the painting process using a regular paintbrush to add the soft colors I enjoy using on top of the textured paint. I like to bring my images out of the painting, instead of putting a preconceived image on the canvas.

The process can take up to eight months. I apply paint and let it dry. Then I will apply another layer of paint until I get the intensity of color I want. The painting can change and modify during all the painting times. Finally, the composition is sound and the colors are strong and I know it is complete.

My source of inspiration comes from the natural world around me. I take all my experiences from living in Colorado since 1972, from hiking above timberline to sitting next to Boulder Creek, and put them in my paintings as an organic universal experience of living on this planet. My greatest joy is painting all day in my studio.








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