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If you have ever wondered about color theory or want to improve your approach to using color in your work, your life or your art, this experiential workshop will answer your questions.

Color Theory is an understanding of the relationship between colors. A color changes "color" depending on the relationship with other colors. The four sessions will approach color theory from several different points-of-view including the relationships between complimentary colors, cool colors, hot colors, ugly colors, mud colors and subtle colors.

At the completion of the weekend, you will have spent time with your favorite colors and completed four oil pastel drawings.

In addition, you will be introduced to a contemplative approach to art making.
As you begin to draw with the oil pastels, you will quickly discover you can trust your inner intuitive process to create a personal expression from your heart centered perspective.

For participants with no art-making experience, you will have the opportunity
to discover your creativity in a safe, supportive environment.

For experienced artists, you will find the workshops will help you expand your creative experience to include a meditative approach to your personal expression.

Workshop Sessions

  1. Color Theory: A Complimentary Relationship
  2. Cool Colors vs Hot Colors: A Supportive Relationship
  3. Ugly Colors & Mud Colors: A Beautiful Relationship
  4. Subtle Colors: Drawing Your Favorite Colors

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Top of Page: Color Wheel. Each student will receive one.
Drawings on this page:
Second & Third Images by Suzanne Frazier
Fourth thru Sixth Images by Workshop Participants

Retreat/Workshop Summary


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