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What is a spiritual container?

A spiritual container may be a church, synagogue, temple, cave or any space with sacred meaning but the concept can be expanded to include the sacred space within your heart.

Using art is the perfect metaphor for revealing your special sacred spiritual container, you will have the opportunity to spend a weekend exploring what "spiritual container" means to you.

You will have the opportunity to express your heart-centered perspective and explore ways to access your creativity and support your artistic style.

At the beginning of each session there will be a guided meditation to invite you into an inquiry into your spiritual path.

Workshop Sessions

  1. Contemplative Art
    Looking at the center of your Spiritual Container - An Introduction to Contemplative Art
  2. Discovering the Colors in your Spiritual Container
    An Introduction to Color Theory
  3. Exploring your Spiritual Container with Contemplative Eyes
    An Introduction to Contemplative Seeing
  4. Expressing your Spiritual Container as a Mandala
    Using the structure of a mandala to express your spiritual container in a special format.

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Drawing at top of page by Suzanne Frazier.
Drawings on left of this page are by workshop participants.

Retreat/Workshop Schedule


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