Retreat/Workshop Summary





This workshop will give you the opportunity to concentrate on your personal expression. During the four sessions you will explore your unique artistic style through a series of drawings.

Whether you are a beginning student or professional artist, the process of "drawing in a series" will highlight your special way of expressing yourself. All this happens quite naturally without effort.

The first session will center around looking at artists throughout the centuries who have copied each other's work. Even though the artists copied a "masters" work their personal style persisted. You will have an opportunity to copy a "master" and see how your personal style is revealed.

The remaining three sessions will be devoted to exploring your creative expression. The process of "Drawing in a Series" will give you the opportunity to get in touch with your right brain, feeling that special place where you create, and solidifying your style.

The best part of the workshop is that we have fun in a supportive, contemplative atmosphere.

Workshop Sessions

  1. Drawing from a Master
  2. Drawing in a Series, Part 1
  3. Drawing in a Series, Part 2
  4. Drawing in a Series, Part 3

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Drawing at the top of the page by Suzanne Frazier Drawings on left of this page are by workshop participants.


Retreat/Workshop Summary


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