Retreat/Workshop Summary






What does the 'face of spirit' look like to you in the context of your spiritual journey?

Discovering the proportions of the face gives you the opportunity to explore your spiritual journey from a non-linear, non-verbal, spontaneous perspective.

Drawing faces is rather easy once you know the "proportions". We will be drawing expressionistic faces, not trying to render accurate faces.

You will complete a drawing in each session which reflects a different angle of the face so that you will know how to really draw faces by the end of the workshop while at the same time discovering another way to approach looking at your spiritual journey.

If you have been intimidated by the thought of drawing a face, this is the workshop for you.

Workshop Sessions

  1. Proportions for Drawing a Frontal
    View of the Face
  2. Proportions for Drawing a Side
    View of the Face.
  3. Proportions for Drawing a 3/4
    View of the Face.
  4. Proportions for Drawing a Face
    at an Angle

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Drawing at Top of Page by Suzanne Frazier
Drawings on left of this page are by workshop participants.

Retreat/Workshop Summary


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