Retreat/Workshop Summary






There is a great deal of freedom and joy in creating a non-verbal expression of your Spiritual Journey through drawing. You will be supported in your exploration of your personal style of expression through a contemplative approach to art making.

As you begin to draw with the oil pastels, you will quickly discover you can trust your inner intuitive process to create a personal expression from your heart centered perspective.

Expressing your personal Spiritual Journey through contemplative drawing provides a way to look at your life experience in a non-linear, non-verbal and spontaneous way.

Throughout the four sessions you will explore color theory and compositional elements to create a personal style of expression.

Workshop Sessions

  1. Discovering What is in the Foreground & Background of Your Spiritual Life
  2. Expressing the Light & Dark of Your Spiritual Perspective
  3. Charting Your Spiritual Path
  4. Framing Your Spiritual Journey

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Drawings on this page are by Suzanne Frazier.

Retreat/Workshop Summary


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