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Becoming aware of symbols facilitates an expression of one's Spiritual Journey through spontaneous, non-linear, non-verbal drawing. Using a contemplative approach to art making, you will play with different symbols to explore your Spiritual Path.

As you begin to draw with the oil pastels, you will quickly discover you can trust your inner intuitive process to create a personal expression from your heart centered perspective.

Expressing your personal Spiritual Journey through contemplative drawing provides a way to look at your life experience in a non-linear, non-verbal and spontaneous way.

Workshop Sessions

  1. Looking at Symbols
  2. Discovering the Meaning of Five Universal Symbols
  3. Expressing Your Spiritual Journey through Symbols
  4. Drawing a Mandala of Your Spiritual Journey

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Drawing at the top of the page by Suzanne Frazier. Drawings on left of this page are by workshop participants.


Retreat/Workshop Summary


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