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On my way home from class today
I decided to stop at South Boulder Creek Trail
to stretch my legs before heading home.
I have walked that trail hundreds of times,
but today there was something distinctly different in my walk.
I began to see not just green leaves and brown grasses and blue sky,
but a mixture of hues, colors, textures and tones
integrated across my field of vision.
I looked closely at the thistles and saw not just purple flowers,
but intricate shades of fuchsia, pinky pink and magenta threads swirling
into the center of the blossom.
The sky had grey and white and pastel blues, stormy dark blue,
clear sky and steel blue all at once.
The class today inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings
gave me a taste of “artist’s eye” on my walk.
I am grateful to you, Suzanne for this masterfully facilitated class,
and to you, Marcia, for offering such an inspiring class
through the Creative Life Center.
Today was a well spent day of free spirited creative play that shifted my perspective. Thank you both.
Laura Lyon
SoulColllage® Facilitator and Teacher
Laura Lyon Studio

Suzanne guides each student to give their inner critic a vacation
while letting their inner artist out to play.
The amazing results of this process feed the soul.
The wall of art at the end of the workshop is
a testament to the artist present in everyone.
Marcia Chadly
Creator of code, art, and connections

Suzanne holds the sacred space for participants to delve into their inner spaces
and let them flow onto the page in color and form.
She encourages us to draw from our souls and our guts with no "artistic agendas".
This is liberating and produces amazing results.
It has stimulated my creative impulses and freed me up quite a bit.
i am now painting with greater freedom and confidence.
Thank you Suzanne.
Claudia Foster
Healer, Bodyworker, Artist

Suzanne's contemplative art retreats are food for the soul. 
Her instruction is a balance of teaching art techniques
while providing an extraordinarily safe environment. 
Although I do not consider myself an artist (yet!) my creative expression has expanded and grown and I am now preparing several paintings for public display. 
Suzanne's retreats have been essential for allowing my creative spirit to soar.  Thank you Suzanne!
Stacey Arnett, Ph.D.

The best part about Suzanne's retreats is that she is always well prepared
and she gives participants plenty of creative freedom.
I enjoy painting with her because her approach is helping and not judgmental.
Thordis Simonsen
astragreece inc.

The main thing is that I love doing it
and my life is so much richer because of it.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me started on this path. 
Your lovely, positive, and cheerful approach is the best. 
It enables me to see my mistakes without hating them, just learning from them.  What a gift you have!
Patti Peterson

I have all of the pictures from faces and color workshops on my bedroom wall. 
I enjoy them every day. I also have your color wheel hanging by my closet
so I can use it for wardrobe experimentation.
Sara Goodroad.

I just went to the Impressionist show (at the Denver Art Museum)
--I found that I couldn't look at the paintings
because I was so busy looking at the colors!
Flesh tones and whites were just amazing!
Thank you for teaching me how to see.
Becky Fellows
Fiber Artist

Among Suzanne's many gifts is being present
with her students in their process of re-connecting
with their personal artistic identity.
Her contemplative approach brings a sense of peace
and safety to this awakening,
which can be fraught with fear, doubt and insecurity.
Who knew a blank piece of paper could be so intimidating?
Suzanne's supportive approach allows you the space to de-compress,
learn to trust yourself and believe
that no matter what the first mark on the page looks like,
it was the right mark to make.
Deanna Chillean
Pilates Instructor

No words in a brochure can fully explain how magical Suzanne's retreats are,
sitting there at the Ghost Ranch Spiritual Center called Casa del Sol,
staring at Mt.Pedernal and drawing every day for a week,
absorbing the landscape, listening to amazing music, releasing the stress of life,
taking in her wonderful instruction and encouragement
as well as that of the other participants.
Seeing the creations/drawings that came out of all of us...
experts and amateurs alike.
It is life-changing, transformational.
It is heaven on earth.
Ghost Ranch is truly a thin place
and Suzanne Frazier takes you there.
~ Rev. Erin Thomas, Riverside, CA

I was recently with my sisters and we were remembering
the EXTRAORDINARY week we spent with you
and the Spirit of the Ghost Ranch hills.
I'm so grateful to have been a part of your retreat....
will always remain a cherished life experience.
Brit Courtney
CNM, ESL Teacher, Writer

I spend the first hour of my day gazing from my favorite chair up into the surrounding mountains and thirty miles down the Yampa Valley.
My journal entries now reflect the blessing of seeing life through new lens.
I continue to 'see' everything with new eyes!
Here was part of yesterday's journal entry:
If I can now see the colors ,shade and nuances
and appreciate their constant movement,..............
I will be in awe, and not rejecting.
I will be curious, and not afraid.
I will respect the complexities.
It makes me want to draw what I see.
It makes me want to live what I see.
Oh, how I love these stretches of growth!
I have put together a file of the excellent materials
you gave us at the start of each of the four sessions.
What an superb teacher you are!
Diane McCrann
Nurse, Educator, Psychotherapist


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